QuestLink WoW AddOn

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All people that play WoW know that is probably the best resource for finding more information about quests. The comments on the pages can be very useful and often guide you in the right direction.
To speed up the process of searching for the quests manually on wowhead I came up with QuestLink.
QuestLink is a very simple but useful addon, what it does is adding an EditBox to the quest log frame header, this EditBox contains the link to for the quest you’ve selected.
You can copy the quest link from the EditBox and paste it in your browser to visit the page.

If you regularly use wowhead to find quests I really recommend you to use this AddOn. Besides the fact that it will save you time, it will also give you the exact page you are looking (No matter if it’s horde or alliance).

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New project category

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Lately I have been experimenting with programming in World of Warcraft using the WoW API and Lua.
I have created some small AddOns but mostly snippets to learn how to work with it.

I decided to make a new project category dedicated to WoW Addons and Snippets.

I will be slowly expanding the content of it.

Even though I am still a newbie at the WoW API and Lua in general..  I would like to make some basic tutorials about making an AddOn in the near future.
To make it easier for you to start developing in WoW.

Visit the project page
 Downloader Fixed

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I recently switched to PHP7 and had to make a minor change in my code (split to explode).

All working now.

Sanic Simulator

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Sanic Simulator is the first real C# GUI application that I made which is somewhat like a game, it was actually made to test the GUI of C#, but I extended it a lot and added a high score system. The game is based on luck, every move a random number is being generated, if it matches your chosen random number you will lose a life. Additionally there are 2 extra random numbers being generated, if they match you will get a number of free bonus rolls based on another random number, I know this so called “game” is very useless and pretty boring, but I decided to still post it.


Download version 1.0
Mirror #1:

Update: Win10 WR v1.1

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Windows 10 Watermark Remover v1.0 only worked for Windows 10 Education, Version 1.1 adds support for the Windows 10 Education N version (Without media player)
If I need to add support for more versions you can send your “basebrd.dll.mui” to me which is located in: “C:\Windows\Branding\Basebrd\en-US”

You can download version 1.1 here:

Mirror #1:

Windows 10 Watermark Remover

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Today I have created a tool called Win10WR or Windows 10 Watermark Remover, it does exactly what the title says.
It’s a simple console based tool that can remove the watermark (apply patch) and restore it (revoke patch).
The tool needs to be started as administrator in order to work.

Here is a small video

Download Version 1.1:
Mirror 1.

Download Version 1.0:
Mirror 1.

New app in progress: Windows 10 ISO Cleaner

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Today I have been working on a new tool, which is able to “clean” Windows 10 iso’s from the default crap that is installed with it.
So far I have done 3 tabs, and all the function in those tabs are working. I think I will release a beta version very soon.
Here are 3 screenshots to get an idea what it’s all about




Windows_10_ISO_Cleaner_2015-08-08_13-56-26 Gallery Ripper / Batch picdump/gifdump downloader

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Since I have been experimenting a lot with Regular Expressions in C# lately. I decided to make a  Gallery Downloader and a Batch Picdump/Gifdump downloader. has galleries with pics inside it, these images can be saved quickly using the Gallery Ripper tool. If you want to download a batch of picdumps/gifdumps you can use the batch version instead which is designed to keep downloading. You just enter a sequence, for example, picdump 400 to 450.

Warning: This application is Dutch

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The ffmpeg.exe binary has many tricks up it’s sleeve, one of them is general repair of media files which include fixing bad indexes, video glitches, wrong duration and other possible issues. I’ve made an app called MediaFix, this is basically a GUI for automatic media repair. It allows you to drag and drop files in to it and it will automatically fix the selected file.


Download v1.0 –

SoundCloudDL Alpha

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SoundCloudDL Early Alpha

This easy application let’s you download songs from which are normally not downloadable.
Actually it just uses the cache of Internet Explorer in order to fetch the mp3. (Which seems the only way though)
Then it fixes and renames the mp3 and your output is done

– Downloading the page to get embed link
– Opening the embed link (with autoplay) in Internet Explorer
– Wait for the cache to fill, default timeout is 15 seconds.
– MP3 will be grabbed from cache and copied temporary
– Since IE screws up the duration of the track by adding a bunch of zero’s at the top of the file, SoundCloudDL replaces that and thus fixes the duration.
– Output mp3 will be given the most fitting name.

To use a custom timeout to fetch the mp3 file (for example for slower connections), use the switch -timeout=x (where x is amount of seconds)

v0.1 Alpha:


DISCLAIMER: This tool is handy for saving bandwidth costs on your mobile for example. But it’s not intended to steal music from the artist. If you like the artist always buy his music to support him/her.