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How to make your Raspberry PI Useful

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Tired of reading tutorials for your Raspberry PI that do not give the wanted result?? So do I. that’s why I have started writing the tutorial “How to make your Raspberry PI Useful”, so far I’ve added the initial setup of the Raspberry PI and how to setup OpenVPN completely (with good forwarding etc), other chapters that will follow soon are: IRC Bouncer, Webcam Server (Security) and Network Management script. And maybe I’ll add more chapters.

Check out the First revision of the tutorial

Promo video for AOSP 4.4 KitKat for i9505

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Visit thread here:

Soon also coming to ;)

KitKat ScreenRecorder

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KitKat ScreenRecorder v1.2

Since Android KitKat 4.4 has so nice native support for recording the screen, I made an app for it. It works really good on kitkat roms, all versions below 4.4 are not supported.

Here are 2 screens:



* Blows away the dust from *

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My last post is made about 3 months ago, my new big project AOSP 4.4 KitKat is not even listed whatsoever, and my other (small) side projects are also not posted.


Time for some major house keeping!

AOSP 4.3 (JSS15J) for Galaxy S4 (i9505)

1 Comment | This entry was posted on Aug 09 2013

My current developing is to get AOSP as natural as possible on the i9505, Today I released the first build, everything except the libs (externals) are from AOSP.  Which makes a working system, and a very smooth one as well.  Check out the XDA Topic to get in touch. So far the only problem is Bluetooth that doesn’t work, I fixed the rest today :)



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Android 4.3 Sources Live!

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Today Google updated their repo’s to the latest android version which is JSS15J 4.3 (android-4.3_r2.1 tag), so of course I downloaded the sources and I’m compiling it right now.
I noticed a cool new feature, Google added this new “feature” to build minimal versions (barebone) of the rom, or at least that’s what I think it is.
Next to that I also saw this new embedded versions! These are most likely command line only, to be implemented in various hardware devices that need a small yet effective operating system.

broodROM AOSP for i9505!

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I’ve just released the first broodROM for i9505. It was some oldskool smali editing again, since there are no sources.
Check the full article (or xda topic) for more info

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Explosive i9505 Developing

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You might think, hmm why is brood so awfully quite last time? Well guess what I’m 100% into i9505 kernel developing at the moment. I made these topics at the I9505 forum:

- [Kernel][3.4.52][Linaro]broodKernel Google Edtition v1.2 (O3/O2) (09-07-2013)

- [Kernel Base][3.4.52][Dev]Bare Repositories of TW/AOSP Kernel

- [Kernel][JB 4.3][Experimental]Latest CM/KT Kernel


But that’s not all, I also made some scripts for android developing:

- [Scripts]i9505 Boot.img Creator (deployable over all kernel sources)

- [Script]RemEdit (Easy and quick remote file editing)


And even maybe some little tools or a vm perhaps:

- [Tool]i9505 Quick Flasher

- [VM]DevDistro 14 x64 (Preconfigured VM for ALL Android Development)

That’s what I call hardcore developing :D, broodROM is of course incoming in a while.

My first i9505 kernel.

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Jun 25 2013

I just made my first “working” i9505 kernel, I tried many many (like 7) toolchains before I finally could compile the whole kernel on O3 optimization. (its mostly because I’m still pretty unknown to i9505 development)
The kernel is almost a stock kernel since I grabbed the CM sources and added simple Linaro (with -o3) support to it.

So here is my test build for the people who want to try out a “smoother” cm stock kernel

WARNING FOR HARDBRICK: Only install on i9505! Not on i9500.
Warning for bootloop: Only use on CyanogenMod 10.1, not on Samsung Stock ROM.


Download: here

- Put file on sdcard
- Reboot in recovery, Install the package and you’re done.

Spambots please die :)

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Ok so after putting the “Are you human” captcha I still received spam comments, these may be from real people or the spambots are already this advanced.. Either way, I have enabled the old captcha with the fruit now as well.. If you’re registred you don’t have to do the “are you human” captha but you will still have to do the fruit captcha.

If I still receive spam after this action I will revert “Only registered users can post comments” .. Many many many protection is needed these days if you have a wordpress blog.. (I have 6 anti spam plugins..)