broodKernel v1.2

This entry was posted on Jun 28 2012
broodKernel v1.2
– Heavily tweaked KQI stock kernel –

Major changes since last release:
More management can be done trough init.d, I added a general broodKernel script and also a very extended screenstatescaling script with a lot of options (check them both out!) Also I made 3 versions of the kernel, they have different bootlogos, the other settings are identical

This kernel is based on the KQI stock kernel, and only has modifications in it’s ramdisk, so the kernel will stay stock, but is heavily tweaked. I added Thunderbolt tweaks, GT-i8150 GPU Drivers, 2 init.d scripts (00broodkernel and 01screenstatescaling)
– Added Auto Mount
— All partitions mounted in noatime / RW
— Cache / Data & Persist mounted with barrier=0 / commit=60

– Added AOSP bootanimation library
– Added init.d Support (runs at the end of the boot process)

– Changed Kernel Security settings
— ro.allow.mock.location=0
— ro.debuggable=1
— persist.service.adb.enable=1

– Adjusted Low Memory Killer
— LMK 60MB Based

– Added build.prop Tweaks
— Smoother GUI Tweak
— Less Ringtone Delay
— GPU Rendering

– Added IPv4 Tweaks
— Changed Buffersizes
— Tweaks in /sys/proc/net/core
— Tweaks in /sys/proc/net/ipv4

– Added Touchscreen Tweaks
— Sensitive touch

– Added Kernel Tweaks
– Added SD-Card Tweaks
– Added VM (writeout) Tweaks
– Added Zipalign
– Added Vacuum (sqlite_optimize)

– Added GT-i8150 GPU Drivers

– Added 00broodkernel in init.d:
— Set I/O Scheduler
— Set SDCard Readahead
— Enable/Disable Error Reporting
— Enable/Disable sysctl.conf file

– Added 01screenstatescaling in init.d:
— Set Awake Governor & min/max freq
— Set Sleep Governor & min/max freq
— Enable/Disable Governor tweaks
— Option to use 01screenstatescaling as the only cpu management source (disable


1. Place the zip on your (internal) sdcard
2. Reboot in CWM Recovery
3. Install zip from sdcard
4. Install zip from (internal) sdcard
5. Choose
6. Install
7. Enjoy!


Visit my GitHub:


Download “Finish” version: (Pre-Build, for testing)
Contains running android to finish bootlogo


More coming soon!



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